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Hybrid Scania Interlink LD in­tro­duced at Busworld

Scania at Busworld presents its hybridised Scania Interlink Low Decker, thereby offering operators the full range of carbon-cutting buses for suburban and short inter-city operations. The bus features Scania’s well-proven hybrid system that was first introduced in 2014.

“With the addition of hybrid technology, Scania can now meet the entire range of alternatives in suburban and inter-city operations, says Karolina Wennerblom, Director, Product Management and Presales, Buses & Coaches. “We know that on certain routes with frequent stops, hybrid buses are the best choice in terms of fuel economy, carbon reduction and other emissions.”

At Busworld, Scania is exhibiting a 13.2-metre bus. This 2-axle bus features 55 seats with wheelchair facilities and is certified for standing passengers. “In comparison with other buses in similar traffic – commonly low entry – the normal floor Scania Interlink LD offers passengers great comfort.”

The Scania Interlink LD is a highly versatile bus range with a choice of two or three axles and lengths from 12 to 15 metres with seating of up to 71 passengers. This Scania bus, which is manufactured in Finland, is now available with diesel, biodiesel, HVO, CNG/CBG, ethanol and, with the latest addition, hybrid. The hybrid powertrain includes the Scania 9-litre 320 hp engine that is compatible with up to 100 percent biodiesel and HVO.

The electrified bus is primarily designed for suburb-to-suburb and suburb-to-city operations in order to benefit from the full energy and economic potential of hybridisation. With the longer annual distances in these operations, hybrid buses are preferable to battery electric buses, which additionally require charging infrastructures. Operators can hereby look forward to a favourable Total Operating Economy while, in parallel, reducing their climate impact. The combined hybrid operations with the use of biodiesel or HVO can give CO2 savings of up to 90 percent.

”With the hybrid Scania Interlink LD as a further extension of our product portfolio, we now offer a fully comprehensive range for suburban operations, which constitute the greatest share of urban public transport.” says Wennerblom. “In addition to the attractive Total Operating Economy, bus operators can both reduce CO2 emissions and raise energy-efficiency.”

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Karolina Wennerblom, Director, Buses & Coaches
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