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Everything starts and ends with people

Our people are our most valuable asset

For Scania, our people are our most valuable asset. In a dynamic environment you contribute with your knowledge and unique background to the diversity that is part of our success. This is a place for all kinds – generalists, specialists and managers. If you are motivated and prepared to take responsibility, you have every opportunity here.


we drive real change

When you join our journey towards a sustainable transform system, you are contributing to the future of transport. You are part of a team that can truly make a difference, part of a powerful force with a proven track record, the ability to make things happen and create real change. Being part of this strong, supportive culture lets people grow and contribute.


Our success is based on the core values – Customer first, Respect for the individual, Elimination of waste, Determination, Team Spirit and Integrity. They reflect our journey towards a more sustainable future and a role in the ecosystem, as well as our position within Volkswagen Truck & Bus. These values will continue to be integral to the way we run our company, building a global leadership in sustainable transport.


At Scania, our mission is to become the world’s leading provider of sustainable transport solutions. As a Scania employee, you will play an important role in helping us to deliver sustainable societies. To support you, Scania promotes a strong learning culture across each of our workplaces. With this approach, our employees are continuously challenged to think differently.


For Scania, diversity and inclusion is a strategic necessity. By having employees with the widest possible range of skills, knowledge, backgrounds and experiences, we ensure we have the right people and together with an inclusive corporate culture this drives our business forward. 

Employee Benefits


We recognise the importance of health and wellbeing of our employees to provide a safe and healthy work environment. Scania Australia have partnered with some of Australia’s leading brands to offer corporate discounts to a variety of health related services.

Recognition & Awards

We believe team members that go the extra mile deserve recognition. Through recognising and celebrating employment and personal milestones through to annual credit awards, celebration of key diversity events and referral incentives we strive to recognise our employees’ achievements.

Flexible Working

Flexible Working Arrangements defines the future of work at Scania Australia as we strive to improve our employees’ work-life balance and job satisfaction.

Salary Packaging & Novated Leasing

Salary package a new, used or existing car and its running costs or work-related expenses and tools of trade with some of your before-tax salary.

Company Bonus Scheme

It is important that all employees understand how their work contributes to the company’s performance and profitability. Eligible employees will be entitled to a company bonus and be recognised if overall, we achieve our yearly targets.

Training & Professional Development

We have a comprehensive portfolio of structured and effective training courses, ranging from nationally recognised Apprenticeships and Technician qualifications, to leadership and management development including operational training available to Scania employees.

Paid Parental Leave

Scania is committed to supporting parents through their journey into parenthood and transitioning them back to work. 

Scania Top Team

Scania Top Team is an awarded competitive training programme developed to continually enhance the skills, knowledge, professionalism and teamwork in Scania’s workshops all over the world. The competition also helps attract skilled professionals to the industry.

Work Areas

A Day In The Life Of A Scania Australia Employee

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