All round financial solutions

All round financial solutions

21st February 2024


Scania Financial Services has the flexibility to provide funding for a wide range of assets, as Sales Manager Dan Spencer explains.


When it comes to financing Scania vehicles, many operators naturally turn to Scania Financial Services (SFS).  But that is only part of the story, for in the complex world of transport and logistics, operators frequently need finance for other mobile assets too – and this is where we can often help by providing flexible solutions catering for a wide variety of needs.


We look to make the acquisition process as simple, straightforward and convenient as possible, and just because we’re called Scania Financial Services that doesn’t mean we can’t fund other products too.  So, for example, if a customer comes to us saying they need finance for trailers, tail-lifts, fork lift trucks and so on, we’re more than happy to explore the options.


No matter what the asset, it’s just the same as if we were funding a Scania truck; our customers will be dealing with us every step of the way, and we will provide all the help and assistance they need to guide them through the entire acquisition process.


In every case, flexibility is key to what we do. That means we won't just offer blanket hire purchase at a given rate. We'll look into other factors which also might benefit operators, such as VAT deferrals and structured deals designed to complement the specific requirements of a customer’s business. Seasonality is another factor we can take into account.  So if a customer is prepared to pay more when their vehicles are being used more but wants to pay less in the months where there's more downtime, we can look at designing a solution accordingly.


In summary, our aim is to be the only finance partner our customers need.  As we see it, no solution is off the table.  Financing hard assets is what we do, it's what we understand and what we specialise in. Much like we do for Scania units, we will look to structure a deal to accommodate the need – whatever the asset.


For further information on the range of services offered by Scania Financial Services, contact us on 01908 487 561.

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