Service excellence is the jewel in the crown for Richard King Haulage Limited

Service excellence is the jewel in the crown for Richard King Haulage Limited

27th November 2023


“On the 12 December 1989 I started up as an owner driver with a rented truck,” recalls Richard King, Managing Director of the Chorley, Lancashire-based dryfreight, container and traction operator which bears his name.  “Today, we run a fleet of 15 vehicles, all of which we own, and I firmly believe the key to our success over the years has been service excellence.  And by that I don’t just mean the service we deliver, but also the service we receive from our key suppliers who support our business day-in, day-out – and there I include Scania Financial Services, (SFS), who I simply cannot fault.”


Over the years, Richard King has owned a total of 65 vehicles, many of which including the 13 Scania tractor units in his current fleet, have been funded by SFS.  “My Scanias are supplied by Haydock Commercials, who I’ve been dealing with for more than 20 years,” says Richard.   “SFS provide the finance by way of two year hire purchase agreements.  We then typically keep each truck for a further two years, after which we replace them with the latest models.”


Haydock Commercials and SFS enjoy a close working relationship which sees the two organisations collaborate in order to provide operators like Richard King with bespoke financial packages created to meet the specific needs of their businesses.  As an important part of this, SFS’s Business Managers spend time with their customers in order to gain an in-depth understanding of their businesses and requirements.


“My SFS Business Manager is Darren Mottram,” says Richard King.  “He really has invested in us and that makes dealing with SFS so easy.  Darren is always responsive and the offers we receive are always competitive – from a customer’s point-of-view it’s perfection at its best.  In fact, I recently took part in a customer interview with SFS’s head office in Sweden and they asked what could be done to improve their service.  I replied, Easy: just clone Darren!”


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Photo caption: Richard poses alongside his latest Scania (OO07 RNK) which is named as a tribute to his late brother, Roger.  This photograph was specially taken to mirror an earlier photograph taken of Richard with his first Scania back in 1997.

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