Scania Financial Services and Keltruck pioneer new customer-focused service

Scania Financial Services and Keltruck pioneer new customer-focused service

22 April 2022


Scania Financial Services (SFS) and Keltruck, Scania's dealer for the Midlands and South Wales, have joined forces to provide a range of bespoke financial packages specifically tailored to meet the individual needs of Keltruck's customers.   In a pioneering move, three finance specialists have been recruited to the SFS team and are now permanently based within Keltruck's region, where they collaborate with the dealer's sales force on a daily basis.


"With more and more operators today opting for finance solutions provided by SFS, the time has come to bring our two organisations even closer together," says Keltruck Sales Director Dave Morgan.  "By working with us and our operators, the SFS team use their second-to-none industry experience to construct affordable and flexible solutions which take into account individual operational requirements – that is their key to success and an essential element of their service from our customers' point-of-view."


"The affordability of our solutions comes from the flexibility we are able to offer as a commercial vehicle specialist finance provider," explains Ian Kavanagh, SFS's Relationship Manager for Keltruck.  "We understand how the transport industry works and that enables us to evaluate customer needs and take decisions non-specialists might not.  For example, we can arrange our contracts to begin or end in line with a particular contract a customer has won.  That includes thinking beyond standard term-lengths, so if, say, a 37-month agreement is required, we can do that.  We can also offer cashflow aids such as VAT deferment, or payment holidays to take into account any seasonality which impacts upon a customer's business over the course of a year.  We have plenty more options available too.


"The key point is that by working with the Keltruck team from the very outset, we are able to see the wider picture and put everything needed into place ahead of a deal being sealed.  This is crucial for any operator for, as many will know from bitter experience, when a finance provider is bought in late in the process any issues arising can prove insurmountable in the time available, meaning the acquisition opportunity will be lost. One especially important aspect of our service in this respect is that we can set up credit lines for up to 12 months ahead of any acquisition.  This enables the operator to order or find the vehicle they want certain in the knowledge that the credit will be there for them when they need it."


Reflecting the close nature of SFS's relationship with Keltruck, Dave Morgan participated in each of the recruitment interviews.  That process resulted in the following appointments:


Ian Kavanagh – Business Manager.  Ian's remit is to serve customers in Keltruck's Midlands region.


Matt Bird – Business Manager serving Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire, Leicestershire


Thom Wells – Business Manager serving South Wales


"One final point I'd like to make is that having these three SFS team members on board means that they won't disappear once the finance deal is done," adds Dave Morgan.  "Ian, Matt and Thom are fully integrated into the Keltruck operation, meaning they are here to support our customers for the long haul – like us, their aim is to build long term, mutually beneficial relationships with our operators."

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