Meet the team: Ian Kavanagh

Job title: Relationship Manager – Keltruck


Area served: The Midlands


As the Scania Financial Services (SFS) Relationship Manager for Keltruck's Midlands area, Ian Kavanagh is based at the dealership's West Bromwich headquarters.  This puts him in direct daily contact with the Keltruck sales team with whom he works closely to offer the region's transport operators the broad range of vehicle acquisition and insurance services provided by SFS.


"We’re a cohesive team & have a joined up approach in our service offering," says Ian.  "While the Keltruck team sell the features and benefits of the Scania product, I focus on providing options for the best possible finance package to support the sale.  This also gives me the perfect opportunity to discuss all the other facilities we can offer, such as insurance. The key-way in which we differ from other finance providers is that we tailor our offer to meet our customers' specific needs.  This is something that others either cannot or will not do, and it really sets us apart in the marketplace. 


"For example, if a customer is looking to support their cashflow by deferring a VAT payment, we can help.  The same holds true for things like payment holidays and overpayments; the key to our success is in the flexibility we provide."


Ian speaks from personal experience as prior to joining SFS in the early summer of 2021 he spent 20 years working for the asset finance division of a major High Street bank.  "As far as they were concerned, it was either their way or no way," he comments.  "They simply did not offer anything in the way of flexibility.  While I enjoyed my time there as it gave me the opportunity to work my way up from a back office role to becoming a business development manager working in the corporate space, the move to SFS was certainly a refreshing change.


"That's because I love getting out and seeing customers, it's my motivation.  I especially enjoy seeing their company develop, particularly if we begin with an embryonic business that grows with our help.  I very much like the way SFS is prepared to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with its customers and support them every step of the way by building long term partnerships and relationships.  For me, that's a great way to do business and from my first encounters with SFS and Keltruck, I could see this was the approach they were looking to take – it all just felt right to me and I'm delighted to be on board!"




Hobbies:                Mountain biking


Sports played:      Golf


Sports followed:   Football, supports West Bromwich Albion


Pets:                         Hudson the Dachshund


Favourite food:      Curry


Favourite film:       The Champ


On my iPlayer:       The Verve


Something few people know about you: I didn't learn to drive until I was 30

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