Police have caught a trucker holding his mobile in one hand and his credit card in the other to make a purchase as he drove along the M40.


This astonishing incident is just one of the many witnessed and filmed by a fleet of HGV supercabs that are on the watch for truck drivers breaking the law.


Supplied by Highways England, the supercabs have so far recorded in excess of 3500 offences in the first 12 months of operation.


Currently the vehicles are working on the M1, but this time primarily to increase road safety awareness among truck drivers. The programme includes free tyre checks and safety tips from Highway England officers at motorway services along the M1.


“We welcome this focus on road safety,” commented Alan Rhodes, Managing Director, Scania Financial Services. “The vast majority of truck drivers are sensible behind the wheel but some are clearly putting themselves and others at risk - as the fleet of supercabs has discovered.


“I would also like to add that if you do have any concerns over the roadworthiness of your truck, then please speak to your local Scania dealership. We have a range of schemes that can put you in an upgraded vehicle on a financial plan that suits your business profile. All you need to do is talk - there is no commitment.”


The three supercabs have spent the last 12 months patrolling both motorways and major trunk roads in England in a safety initiative called Operation Tramline. There have been 29 police forces involved.


The supercabs allow police officers to film evidence of dangerous and unsafe driving by pulling up alongside vehicles. The drivers are then pulled over by police cars following a short distance behind.


So far 462 penalty charge notices have been issued and 2,533 traffic offence reports filed requiring drivers to attend a driver education course. Additionally, 73 serious offences were prosecuted.


You can watch the Highways England film of the trucker using his phone and credit card here:




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