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Work life balance

A new era of work

Work is becoming something we do rather than something we go to. A part of being a great employer is being able to offer mobility and flexibility to our employees to the extent the nature of the job to be done allows, while ensuring individual productivity and well-being as well as great creativity and collaboration in our teams and communities

Our company has a history of over 130-years and has lasted this long by always keeping up with the times, as we are now. It is a major change to make Scania’s workplace more flexible and adapted to the needs from each individual, team and department, but is also the only way forward. Shaping an efficient and flexible future workplace has been the aim for a long time and now Scania will offer mobility and flexibility to co-workers as well as providing foundations for well-being and productivity.


Guidelines and advice on every-day-work life have been gathered in Scania Work Playbook, and is the go-to approach to an inclusive and attractive workplace, where each individual can contribute with their full potential.


Get a better understanding of what we want to achieve by taking a look at our Scania Work Playbook. 



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