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Take charge Norway

Into the wild:

Scania’s Take Charge tour bring BEVs to life

  • Scania invited 60 European trade journalists to experience its battery electric trucks for real on demanding Norwegian roads

  • From the basecamp at the Lily country club, a route of 185 km took the media representatives on a hilly ride where the trucks had to show their real colours

  • Scania set up the event together with ASKO, Norway’s leading food distributor and a long-standing partner within sustainable transport solutions.


In the not so distant future, every transport can be electric, we see the trends that bear witness about it. That was the message Scania brought forward when having invited 60 of the  leading trade media journalists in Europe to a unique test drive on public roads with Scania’s latest battery electric trucks in Kløfta, just outside Oslo, the Norwegian capital. So how did the trucks manage? Excellent, it turned out. 


“The event we have here is actually Scania’s first full-scale test drive occasion for journalists with our latest BEVs”, says Fredrik Allard, Senior Vice President, and Head of E-mobility at Scania. “We are excited over having been able to gather both trucks and prominent media in this fantastic setting. Here we can offer the perfect mix of highways, backroads and undulated terrain where our trucks can excel with their drivability, the smooth ride and their seamless power delivery”.


Scania had six battery electric trucks with different specifications available for the attending  journalists that arrived in groups of 12 per day during a week. Apart from a block with presentations, each visit consisted of two different main activities: driving the trucks for a close to three hour stint and making a study visit to ASKO’s head office in the close vicinity of the basecamp. There the journalists were given a presentation about the longstanding and dedicated work that ASKO have spent and keep spending in the name of sustainability.  


“Three years ago we believed that the electrification would have advanced further than what we can see today”, says Allard. “But the whole industry have stumbled a bit in the wake of the pandemic and the financial crisis. And that is why its so rewarding to hear all the praise over our trucks. I believe that the message about how mature – and superior – these solutions are now will put extra tailwind behind the imminent transformation towards electrification and sustainable transports”.


Please find a sheet with all the truck specifications included.

40 R & S
45 R & S
Electric machine, continuous power 400 kW   450 kW
Electric machine, max power 411 kW 511 kw
Max torque 2800 Nm 3500 Nm
Powertrain  EM C3-6
E-machine layout Triple permanent magnet rotor and 6-speed automatic gearbox witout torque interruption gear changes
Claimed max range 350 km @ 40 t.  - 250 km @ 64 t.
Battery Capasity 624 kWh  (gross capasity) / 468 kWh (net)
Charging conection CCS2
Charging power Up to 375 kw  (500A)
Charging time 83 min from emtpy to full
Power take off

Gearbox PTO 260 kW, Electric /electromechanical up to 60 kW


Chassis Tractors and rigid
Axel-configurations  A 4x2, B 6x2*4 (A-Tractor, B-Rigid ) 
Minimum wheelbase 4150 -6350 mm
Max GTW Up to 74 ton

The Scania 45 R B6x2 4NB in numbers

Here's an example of an analasys we in Scania can provide customers when planning their electric journey.   




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