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Truck from ASKO - SCANIA 45 R B6x2*4NB

Application: Rigid with FNA box and 2-axel mid-axel FNA body
Reg number EF48734
Chassi no 2199552
Cab CR20N
Rear axel gear  GE281
Rear axel gear ratio 4,25
Axel distance 5350 mm
Length 10945 mm
Width 2600 mm
Height 3900 mm
Kerb weight 17835 kg
Axel weight front 9000 kg
Axel weight rear/bogie 19000 kg
GVW, Tech 29000 kg
GTW, Tech 74000 kg

First in the world

The very first Scania regional electric truck delivered to a customer is Norwegian. ASKO Øst became the worlds first customer to have the vehicle delivered at the beginning of January.


With more power, longer range and greater total weights, completely new possibilities for fossil free transport open up.

Scania's new regional electric truck can be delivered with both an R and S cab, which gives the driver the best driving comfort on the market. They come with 4x2 and 6x2 axle combinations and are approved for a total weight of 64 tonnes. The Scania regional electric trucks charging speed is up to 375 kW.


It is not the first time ASKO uses new and environmentally friendly technology. The company was also the first customer to receive the previous generation electric Scania trucks. In recent years, ASKO has acquired close to 80 electric trucks from Scania. These vehicles are in full operation and ensure emission free deliveries to ASKO's grocery and catering customers across large parts of the country.


The new electric trucks from Scania will be put into use by ASKO companies throughout the country. They will be important for ASKO to achieve their goal of fossil free transport by the end of 2026. For both Scania and ASKO, the new generation of electric trucks are a big milestone.


New capacities and opportunities

The new Scania regional electric truck, which is now rolling on Norwegian roads, will replace their trucks still running on fossil fuel. ASKO’s new trucks are the Scania 45 R with 450 kW (610 horsepower) continuous power. The driveline consists of three electric motors that are coupled to a six-speed automatic transmission. The battery pack is Scania's largest combination with a gross capacity of 624 kWh.


The trucks in the first delivery are built on a standard chassis with a wheelbase of 5.35 meters with steerable bogie axles. These will pull two axle trailers that ASKO uses with many of their trucks. With this combination, a permissible total weight of 44 tonnes is achieved.


Swedish SKAB supplies the superstructure, while Zepro supplies the rear lifts. The cooling machine is delivered by ThermoKing in collaboration with Frigoblock.



ASKO's ambition is to be sustainable and climate neutral with fossil free transport by 2026. The company aims to have fossil free deliveries in the Oslo region as early as this year. ASKO have been a pioneer in Norway’s green shift and aims to continue to be at the forefront by using new technology to cut emissions from its own transport operation. ASKO adopted electric trucks early on. Already in 2016 Norway's first electric truck was put into ASKO’s operation to gain experience. 


- It is gratifying and important that truck technology is continuously developed, so that we can put even more fossil free trucks into our operation. ASKO wants to be at the forefront of the green shift in truck transport in Norway, and the new Scania’s make a strong contribution to that, says Tore Bekken, CEO of ASKO NORGE.


ASKO and Norsk Scania have had a close collaboration since 2002

- Scania is proud and happy to be able to deliver the very first regional electric truck in the world to ASKO. Our relationship has been the driving force for both Scania and ASKO through all these years, says Frode Neteland, CEO, Norsk Scania.