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Stronger than ever, carrying more than a hundred years of experience, the Scania XT range stands ready to take on the toughest challenges. Scania’s XT range can be tailored to withstand challenging surroundings, securing uptime and boosting productivity. XT is available on our entire cab range and engine programme with endless configurations available.

Tough exterior

The XT range comes with a series of powerful features such as: Steel bumper, protection shield, towing device, robust rear view mirrors and high air intake. All of them making sure you can handle all obstacles with maximum uptime.

Tough interior

Choosing a XT truck means getting a business partner beyond the ordinary, and it comes with the pride of carrying the XT badge. The distinctive styling with orange stitching and XT logo enforces the statement of true robustness and power.

XT Power

Being part of a production chain means always depending on others, just as others will always depend on you. With the high torque-to-horsepower ratio of all Scania engines, the XT range is prepared for any mission ahead. From the lightweight inline-5 engine all the way to the famous Scania V8, we offer a wide range of engine alternatives spanning from 280 up to 770 horsepower.

Tailor your configuration

XT is applicable on our entire cab-range and engine programme. Like all Scania vehicles, the XT range will benefit from the flexibility of our well-known modular system. It enables us to tailor solutions to meet the individual needs of every customer in order to ensure maximum profitability.