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Six ways Scania’s Control Package boosts your business 

08 FEBRUARY 2024

Fuel savings, increased productivity and smaller climate footprint. The digital revolution has opened up vast possibilities for transport companies to enhance their operations. Here are six ways in which Scania’s digital services offering, Scania Control Package, makes life easier for hauliers.

On one hand, transport companies are currently facing several challenges: tight profit margins, skyrocketing fuel prices in many countries, and increasing demands from transport buyers for sustainable value chains. 


On the other hand, the possibilities for tackling these challenges have never been greater. Thanks to the digital revolution, today’s trucks and buses have become highly computerised. Connected machines allow hauliers to take their productivity to a whole new level.  


An important factor here is the data from over 600,000 connected Scania vehicles worldwide. This data is a gold mine for both Scania’s Research & Development and our customers. 

Digital services can cut fuel costs by 15 percent 

“The new technological possibilities make it possible for Scania to provide customers with insights, recommendations and suggestions for improvement adapted to their specific area of use and how their vehicles are used in actual operations,” says Peter Björk, Chief Product Manager for Digital Services at Scania. 


“With the right selection of digital services, we see a potential for fuel savings of up to 15 percent for customers to optimise their business,” he adds. 

Easily accessible through Scania’s digital ecosystem

While some of Scania’s digital services have been around for a while, the company has now bundled them together into a smart, comprehensive and efficient selection: Scania Control Package.  


“All tools, services and features within the package are easily accessible and of course integrated with the My Scania digital ecosystem, which is accessible both on desktop and mobile devices – anywhere, anytime,” says Björk. 

Six ways Scania’s Control Package boosts hauliers’ business 

  • Improved fuel efficiency: Fuel consumption patterns and factors such as engine performance, idle time, and harsh-brake applications can be analysed. Inefficient practices by drivers, such as excessive idling or aggressive driving can be identified and corrected. For instance, reducing idling and unnecessary driving in Power Mode can reduce fuel consumption by as much as 10 percent.  


  • Reduced downtime: With optimal vehicle operation, vehicle wear and tear is reduced, and through efficiency improvements and well-informed maintenance and repair planning, downtime can be kept to a minimum.  


  • Increased efficiency and productivity: Fleet tracking and monitoring facilitate both improved route planning and keeping track of accumulated driving time. Additionally, notifications of vehicles arriving or leaving certain areas can greatly help to improve load and unload scheduling – all to maximise productivity. 


  • Cost savings: Conscious and safe driving habits reduce vehicle wear and tear and decrease accident risk, and combined with reduction on fuel consumption this will lead to cost reductions. Following up by using comparisons of more than 85 different parameters, to vehicles with similar routes and configurations, helps identify improvement opportunities that could reduce operational costs.  


  • Reducing climate footprint: Reduced fuel consumption automatically leads to reduced environmental impact due to lower CO2 emissions, with positive impacts for both businesses and society. Scania Control Package allows hauliers to measure their emissions (CO2, NOx, HC, CO & PM) at a vehicle level.  


  • Staying compliant: Well-informed fleet operation greatly helps compliance with regulations and restrictions - such as driver hours limits or areas with restrictions on vehicle maximum speed. 


Best advice to customers: Go digital now! 


Peter Björk’s advice to customers is to look at how digital services could support their operations – and act now. 


“Digital services are no longer a ‘nice to have’ but rather a pre-requisite to stay competitive. If you haven’t gone digital already – make the move now! It doesn’t matter if your vehicle fleet only contains vehicles from Scania or vehicles from multiple manufacturers. We focus entirely on your data – to enable you to focus on your business,” he says. 



How Scania Control Package help hauliers – two use cases 

Temperature control – retail, courier and postal 

For temperature control transport operations, productivity and fuel efficiency are generally top priorities. With the services in Scania Control Package, hauliers in retail, courier and postal get smart and insightful digital tools to guide their operations. Here are some examples:

  • Driver Evaluation: Ensures that the drivers can perform at their best through objective comparisons and grades with helpful feedback on how and where there’s room to improve. This is a powerful tool for helping drivers to quickly understand their habits and to encourage improvement based on direct feedback available to the driver in the Scania Driver app. 


  • Fleet position: This tool keeps track of the fleet by displaying where all vehicles are located on a map in the My Scania portal. Information also includes who is driving the vehicle and how long each driver has been driving. This is a smart way of taking care of an unexpected transport assignment to understand which nearby driver has enough remaining driving time to fulfil the mission. 


  • Scania Zone: By setting ‘geofences’ the office can receive notifications of when a vehicle is arriving or leaving a certain area, thus avoiding unnecessary waiting time for loading and unloading, as well as keeping track of the delivery time. Scania Zone is also an important tool for regulation compliance, for example to control the speed of the vehicle or trigger hybrid vehicles to switch automatically to fully electric zero-emission operation in specific designated zones.  


  • Service Planning: Drivers can quickly inform their fleet manager of vehicle issues through the Scania Driver app. All reports are presented in the My Scania portal, where the fleet managers can review and send to the workshop for analysis or service, ensuring prompt resolution to ensure fleet availability. 

Building and construction

For tipper operations, uptime, productivity and risk minimisation are key priorities. With the help of the collection of services in Control Package, transport companies in the construction business can fulfil their customers’ expectations as well as deliver on other specific priorities. Here are some examples: 

  • Scania Zone: With this tool the fleet manager can manage the maximum speed of vehicles within your defined geographic zones. It provides easier compliance and increased safety, avoiding complaints, infractions or fines when operating in speed-restricted areas. By setting geofences the office can also receive notifications of when a vehicle is arriving or leaving a certain area, allowing better planning for upcoming jobs. You also get notifications on the power take-off (PTO) usage and the total operating time, helping you understand how long each vehicle spends on locations. 
  • Driver Evaluation: The built-in fuel model gives fleet managers real-world examples of the estimated fuel saving based on the Driver Evaluation. Drivers can check tips on how to improve their driving with the Scania Driver app. 

  • Fleet position: By understanding time spent on site, PTO usage, fuel consumption and total driving time, hauliers get a cost estimate of what a particular job might incur, enabling them to strategically use data from the fleet to build the correct fees into a job, or decline those which are less profitable.