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Empowering innovative minds with breakthrough ideas

06 FEBRUARY 2024

Scania Innovation Factory opens creative pathways for Scania employees to develop entrepreneurial competencies. By exploring and experimenting with pioneering ideas, they master skills that drive real change through brilliant innovations and potential business opportunities.

Capturing innovative mindsets, new solutions give rise to fresh opportunities for growth – a win-win scenario for all. We speak to three of our enterprising colleagues to find out what the Scania Innovation Factory means to them.


Xinxing Guo is the Business Developer for a project called Manta. The platform matches truck owners whose trucks are sitting idle with truck users who need trucks as a temporary solution. “I'm drawn to this kind of environment that encourages creativity and a problem-solving mindset. The company backs this project and I feel the security knowing that I’m not personally liable for the high risks of running an entrepreneurial startup,” says Xinxing.


The programme has broadened his horizons and strengthened his communication skills. He gets advice from Scania experts in their respective fields, which is an inspiration for his curious mind. “We have to be brave in voicing our opinion, even to those who disagree, and tackle different challenges from different perspectives. It helps me grow faster,” assures Xinxing. 

Transform the idea into reality

In the SmartTrash project, Shayan Aghaei puts his vehicle engineering skills into research by exploring the implementation of an on-demand refuse collection system, using sensors and artificial intelligence. He thinks it’s fun to explore the unknown and he learns a lot. Now his team gets the chance to transform an idea into an actual product. 


The possibility to evaluate new tools and ideas and validate new potential business opportunities inspires him. “I don't sit down and get bored. I have to learn quickly and talk to potential customers. My management, leadership and problem-solving skills are improving, and I feel more confident,” says Shayan.


“To be an entrepreneur, you need to be comfortable with being uncomfortable. Every day there are new challenges. We’ve to just do things we've never done before and accept that it's alright. One must be adaptable. As we discover new things, we change our approach,” adds Shayan.

Emma Lindgren, whose broad knowledge acquired over 18 years in Scania, in the different capacities at purchasing, R&D, logistics and production is undoubtedly a benefit to the ReRULe project. It focuses on circularity for components' end-of-life. The idea behind ReRULe is to develop an artificial intelligence model that will select optimised paths for used components – if the component should be reused, remanufactured, refurbished or recycled.


She feels the programme increases her innovative curiosity, pushes her to question and evaluate her capabilities, and sets demands that propel her forward. “I have learned a lot about myself and I’m discovering new entrepreneurial skills that I want to develop. Every time we pitch our idea, we get valuable feedback to improve and develop it. This is one of the best opportunities I could have gotten – to keep a regular job and venture into an intrapreneurial project,” says Emma.


By fostering an innovative mindset, Scania helps dedicated employees unlock their entrepreneurial potential and turn their ideas and dreams into reality. It paves the way for intrapreneurial excellence, and with their innovation, creates long-term value and resilience for the business. 


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