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More than Pride – Scania’s work on diversity and inclusion

23 AUGUSTI 2023

Scania proudly participates in Stockholm Pride Parade in August every year, and colleagues around the world are involved in Pride activities. It’s a way to show support for the LGBTQI community, but also the tip of the iceberg on the work that is done with diversity and inclusion at the company on a daily basis.

Our Head of People & Culture Jeanna Tällberg is passionate about diversity and inclusion: “With more diverse and inclusive teams, we have higher job satisfaction, better engagement, and better performance. Being part of Pride is also taking a clear stance on human rights, which is not only important to us but also a natural part of our culture,” she says. This goes hand in hand with Scania’s global safety and health policy with a clear message of zero tolerance for any form of victimization, or harassment in any aspect, and policies, guidelines, and processes to ensure that we know how to deal with these issues if they do arise.

Skill Capture is the secret

At Scania, Skill Capture is a key element of the People Sustainability strategy for our employees worldwide. It means having people with the widest possible range of skills, knowledge, backgrounds, and experiences. Together with an inclusive corporate culture, this drives our business forward. “LGBTQI is a natural part of this framework, where inclusion is key. Ensuring a climate where everyone feels safe to be who they are is fundamental for inclusion and psychological safety. And that's what skill capture is all about.”

More work to be done

Scania has made good progress in the past few years, but there are more steps that we both can and need to take to improve even further. “By continuing to work with our skill capture framework, we can identify more needs in our organisation and more actions to take care of those needs. And learn from what we do and what we see.”


Tällberg thinks there is also more that we can do for this particular community. “I would like to engage more with the LGBTQI community at Scania to understand where we are and figure out what we can do more together that really makes a difference. Working with continuous improvements, as always in all that we do.”


The engagement in Pride, and above all the work with diversity and inclusion is also about how Scania is perceived as an employer. “We can better attract and retain our talent if we are great at diversity and inclusion. So, diversity and inclusion are not just about being a benefit, it's really business critical for us,” Tällberg adds. “At Scania, we say that we come as we are, and we develop together for the future.”