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This 74-tonne Scania electric truck runs 19 hours a day at the mine

8 JUNE 2020

Swedish mining company Boliden has put its new electric truck into operation between its mine Renströmsgruvan and the Concentrator plant in Boliden. The truck carries 2,000 tonnes ore a day, almost round the clock. 

The new electric truck that Boliden has acquired from Scania is a means for the mining company to reduce its CO2 emission intensity by 40 percent by 2030.  


With a total weight of 74-tonnes including load and trailer, it is truly a heavy transport, and carries 2,000 tonnes gold ore daily. Its only pause comes when it tops up its batteries.


“We want this truck to run as much as possible. When it needs to be charged, we use other vehicles, but this is our first choice of transport in this flow,” says Peter Bergman, General Manager at Boliden.



More electrified flows to come

This is the first of several of Boliden’s operational flows on public roads to be electrified, and the company sees this as just the first step towards more sustainable transports. The company wishes to use more electric vehicles in the future. “Once we know that a truck like this works in this demanding environment, we want to include transport to the smeltery and other mines in the area,” Bergman continues. 


Scania guides Boliden in how to optimise the operational flow the current truck is used for, and also looks into what possibilities lie ahead. “We work together. It is a partnership that involves a product that is still something out of the ordinary, a vehicle not included in our regular production,” says Fredrik Allard, Head of E-mobility, Scania. 


The solutions of this electrified truck are based on technology used for trucks currently produced in Scania’s factories, but with stronger components added. This powerful load capacity and an even longer range will be part of Scania’s production within two years.


This electric truck is a part of Regional Electrified Logistics (REEL), an initiative led by CLOSER, the Swedish platform for transport efficiency, which benefits from the support of the programme Fordonsstrategisk forskning och Innovation (FFI) to pave the way for the transition to electric freight transport in the Swedish market.