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The Scania Hack is a creative hub and an energy boost


The Scania Hack is important to encourage broad collaboration between all employees with ideas and the will to make progress, both for the company and themselves. The Scania Hack lets colleagues from various departments team-up to find new solutions and test applications based on their various needs and ideas. What started as a weekend hack in Scania’s gym-hall in 2012 by a bunch of enthusiasts from Scania IT, has become an institution that is relevant to the whole company. 

An embracing culture is key

“The culture at Scania is about embracing employee engagement. This is probably extra important now, with the tough challenges Scania is facing with disturbances in the end to end flow. Not to mention our ambitious transformation that comes with driving the shift towards a sustainable transport system,” says Executive Vice President, Jeanna Tällberg, Head of People and Culture. “Driving the shift also implies moving into unknown territory or handling uncertain conditions, which makes it even more important to encourage innovation and cross functional teamwork. We know that activities like the Scania Hack has been beneficial, both for the development of employees and for our business."

Jeanna Tällberg, Head of People and Culture

Jeanna Tällberg, Head of People and Culture

A hybrid event – the best combination

After two years on the web only, the Scania Hack was back to celebrate ten years of innovation and team work. The 2022 edition was a hybrid event combining the best of two worlds: the easy-to-access online participation through MS Teams and the event platform Hopin, and with the long-missed buzz of the physical encounter. This year it was a 32-hour event located at the big hockey arena Scaniarinken in Södertälje. 

Enjoying the energy flow

Göran Henrixon is Manager at Common Services, a group within the department of Intelligent Transport Systems, and has been one of the Hack generals for some years. He really enjoys the experience of energy flow at the Hack: “I have seen so many good things come out at these gatherings, not only great ideas but also the positive spirit in the participating teams.” 

Changing the role of IT

“We can also see a change, or a broadening, of the purpose of the IT department during the past decade, from the more traditional back-seat tech-service to a more consultant role within software development and business support. It fits well with Scania’s digitalisation journey and the Hack is really supporting this in a fun and inclusive way,” says Göran.

All hands and minds are welcome

When invitations go out to the annual Scania Hack, all employees are encouraged to choose from a list of topics and ideas. Either to receive problem solving support or to offer help to others, in a creative and positive surrounding. 

If you like competition there is much to gain

During the Hack you have also the possibility to re-pitch your idea or to join a problem-solving team. And some groups enter the event to win the hack of the year, which has resulted in many important development and business projects. The winning project will automatically qualify for Scania Innovation Factory, another important green-house initiative to strengthen the intrapreneurial muscle of Scania.

Teambuilding just as important

So, the Scania Hack is the perfect place to plant innovative ideas and try them out with expert help. “But it is never mandatory to compete during the Hack. We have a broader approach with an open, creative atmosphere for teambuilding around all sorts of ideas,” says Jimmy Löfstedt, Project Leader of the Scania Hack 2022. “And we see a wider representation of departments participating, wanting to make their work easier with digital solutions.”

Scania – an attractive IT beehive

The Scania Hack is one of several modules of IT-based initiatives within Scania. Another example is the Scania I-Talent Program, which is a cross-functional programme in collaboration between IT, Sales & Marketing and Research & Development. It is designed to attract young IT professionals, such as Jennifer Huang. She is now an employee at Scania IT, and she saw her first Scania Hack as an introduction to a great company culture: “I had just joined Scania’s I-Talent Program directly after my graduation when I came to the Scania Hack, and I realised that I could continue to be innovative and brainstorm ideas even at my workplace! I believe that mankind is built to creatively work together, and Scania Hack is the way to do it.”