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She ensures a smooth start for Scania's battery factory

8 MARCH 2022

Julia Mörtberg is Industrial Engineering Manager at Scania Battery Production, and responsible for making the processes and staff operational in the new battery assembly unit in Södertälje by 2023. During her six years at Scania she has managed industrial projects, developing products and production vital to the whole Traton Group.

Julia grew up in Jokkmokk, a small village on the Artic Circle, some 1,100 km north of Stockholm. Competitive, curious, and motivated for studies in natural science, she moved to Stockholm to study engineering. A material tech course sparked her interest. The M.Sc. in material science at The Royal Institute of Technology, KTH, led Julia to work her way within the international automotive industry.

The new production unit is now her focus at Scania. At home kids' playgrounds are well visited in the Stockholm suburb Älvsjö.

“I’ve always been curious to explore the world and took opportunities to work with problem solving. It has enriched me with many interesting experiences and lead me to work with the technology and industry of the future. The excellent team I’m leading is breaking ground for Scania’s first battery assembly, and I learn so much every day.”