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Therese’s autonomous solutions impact society

11 MAY 2022

Autonomous solutions, that is where you’ll find Scania’s Therese Reinhammar, our Director for Solutions Delivery. Her call ever since she began her career at Scania, has been to work with change, build things and develop the organisation, people and business areas. Or simply, put new things into place.

That she ended up at Scania, was a deliberate choice. She wanted to work at the head office of a large, international manufacturer. “That is where you’ll find most possibilities. Once I started, it felt like home.” 

The best assignment ever

Currently, she is a part of Scania’s Mobility Solutions. And it looks like she might stay there. “What I do now is the single most fun assignment I’ve ever had at Scania. It is so demanding, and it has such a major impact on society at large and on every individual. What could there possibly be that could beat this? I truly want to be a part of this, to bring this to the market and make our customers use this system.”


Mining is one focus area for Autonomous. Here, we run the operations once a week on a test track. The other one is hub-to-hub, where our trucks are in daily operations on the highway between Södertälje and Nyköping, between two predefined spots: Scania production and a warehouse.

Tech and circular business

But it’s not always easy to work with new technologies. “As I see it, the processes – and at Scania, we are good at those – mainly exist in traditional areas. Now, I need to try out new ways and make it work for real.”


Therese thinks we might not be seen as the high tech company we really are. “We do software development, and to merge that with 130 years of industrial history and heritage makes us unique and it’s a huge  advantage and also a challenge. People out there need to understand that this combination is really special.”


Now, what she wants to do even more is focus on sustainability and circular business in autonomous. “That way, we’ll have an even greater impact on society.”