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Top leader shares opportunities

31 AUGUST 2021

If you have been given the possibility to develop yourself and been challenged and supported by great leaders throughout your career, the chance is you end up as one of those inspiring people. This happened to Lars Gustafsson, Head of Service Portfolio and Delivery at Scania’s Sales & Marketing.

Recently Lars has been the jury’s choice and ranked as Sweden’s top talent in the Engineering & Energy vertical on the Nova 111 list by Nova Talent. He also made the 4Potentials top ten-list of great leaders of tomorrow. Lars, however, is humble about his achievement, and rather talks about the exciting times at Scania, and the possibilities that brings.

The culture and the people

Even though his dream job as a child was truck driver, Scania first came to his mind during his time at the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) in Stockholm. He did a summer internship and then became a trainee at the company. “I applied because Scania seemed to have a great culture, and also, the people I met were all skilled and easy-going.” After more than ten years at Scania, he’s worked in both Purchasing, Corporate Strategy & Business Development and Sales & Marketing.


Presently, Lars is Senior Vice President, and as Head of Service Portfolio & Delivery, he is among others responsible for developing new digital services.  “We work cross-functionally, and strive to better understand our customers’ day-to-day life.” His department was established only October 2020, where several units were brought together to create a more agile approach and flow. “I see that Scania is experiencing an extremely exciting time, and there is so much potential in our eco system and business- and tech development.”


He stresses that for students, Scania is an exciting company as we are a part of the solution to one of the greatest challenges in our time, the climate change. “And I think the fact that here, you can actually do something about emissions. Our actions are so concrete, and that is something that attracts talents.” He also mentions new tech, and the business opportunities that brings. 

The leaders

But it’s not only business. “We have so many great leaders. Not only are they excellent managers, but also adopt our culture.” He also believes that work-life balance at Scania, is not just something you talk about. “When I went on my first parental leave, I was promoted. And the same thing happened the second time.”


Lars has been surrounded by leaders that have developed and challenged him, and he is thankful for those role-models. “To be given responsibilities enable you to grow. This is something to share with your team and co-workers.”