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Electric Scania truck joins Nagel-​Group’s food distri­b­u­tion

In the rapidly evolving world of logistics and distribution, electrification is emerging as a game-changer in how businesses transport goods. Scania has provided Nagel-Group,  one of Europe's largest food distribution and logistics companies, with their first electric truck.

The Nagel Group's core competence lies in distributing food products. In the quest for a sustainable future, electrification is pivotal for companies like Nagel-Group, responsible for vast fleets of trucks crisscrossing Europe. With a fleet of approximately 7,000 trucks operating daily in over 30 countries, they are a vital link in the continent's food supply chain. 

Carsten Taucke, CEO of Nagel-Group, recognizes the significance of electrification in shaping the future of its operations: “We are closely following developments in alternative technologies and are trying out trucks that are not traditional diesel. This first electric truck in the company’s history is a milestone for us.


It was in 2023 that Nagel-Group put its first fully electric truck into operation in Bochum. The 18-tonne Scania truck is used for short-distance journeys in the area, reaching supermarkets, hotels, and other delivery points on its route. The truck reaches the range of 140 kilometres as it is charged using solar power generated on-site. The project has yielded impressive results, with drivers expressing satisfaction and the truck meeting performance expectations.

The imperative of electrification

As concerns over climate change continue to mount, partnerships such as the one with Scania and innovative solutions like solar panels and battery storage systems, emphasize the critical role electrification plays in the Nagel Group's future. “We have tested a lot of different alternatives from different manufacturers in the past and will continue to do so,” says Taucke. The company has ambitious sustainability goals, and using alternative technologies is an important component to achieving them.

Challenges on the road to electrification

Taucke acknowledges the challenges they face in fully embracing electric technology. The lack of infrastructure for long-distance haulage remains a hurdle, and battery technology must continue to evolve to meet the demands of their extensive operations. His expectations from Scania are clear: “A continuous stream of new and improved electric vehicles, that not only cater to regional distribution but also encompass long-haul options.”


As Nagel-Group and Scania continue to collaborate and push the boundaries of electric transport, the aim is not only to set a precedent for sustainable logistics but also to inspire other businesses to embrace alternative technologies for a cleaner, more efficient, and climate-neutral future.

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