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Aman’s quest for knowledge

Aman is enthusiastic about working on the frontline of decarbonisation in the supply chain process and is motivated by passionate people sharing similar enthusiasm in the fight towards climate change.

Sustainability Business Developer, Aman Kapoor in the Procurement Department recognises the importance of communicating the complex environmental issues related to decarbonisation internally within Scania, and externally amongst suppliers. He has an important role at the start of a relay race that never ends – he establishes requirements, communicates them to the suppliers and identifies areas to implement them within the Procurement department.


Understanding the bigger picture

Aman needs to understand how the parts and materials are produced, extracted and designed to be able to pinpoint where in the whole process of the value chain that emits the most emissions. From there, he sets requirements for our suppliers to improve the production process to reduce carbon emissions. In turn, that will help us reduce emissions from trucks as a whole. He admits there is so much to learn and explore in the organisation and the whole area of decarbonisation.


Aman finds it fascinating to see how the timeline of reducing carbon footprint can vary significantly among different stakeholders, and rewarding that he can help influence it. “Our targets for decarbonisation in the supply chain are amongst the most ambitious in the commercial sector,” says Aman.There are many ongoing dialogues and partnerships with suppliers, industry initiatives and lots of convincing to do.


Since decarbonisation is quite a new area for many organisations, the challenge Aman encounters often concerns a mindset change. Purchasers and line organisations have to factor in the requirement of decarbonisation in the internal systems to adapt to the change. Suppliers need to understand the urgency of updating their processes towards lower carbon technologies and fossil-free electricity.


Inspired by a common interest

He gets inspiration from a group with lots of expertise in the area and is motivated to stay ahead in his field of work – to keep abreast of the latest legislation, trends and technology. Though serious about the subject of sustainability, his group is nothing but fun!


Aman represents Scania at the First Movers Coalition hosted by the World Economic Forum – one of the strongest forums to drive financing in the decarbonisation industry. Being part of this initiative, he can present Scania’s requirements to be seen as a purchasing power to advocate for better technology and financing in the area.


The Scania culture inspires Aman. “Being in an environment where whatever you do gets appreciated inspires me. Scania has a very humble approach to being transparent. It is not just towards how we handle our tasks but also how we make our decisions and our way of working,” says Aman.