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BEV Control Package

Part of My Scania

Battery electric operation comes with new challenges and factors to consider for drivers, transport managers and fleet managers alike. The Scania BEV Control package is a collection of digital services that directly focus on aspects specific to battery electric operation and vehicle performance – bringing real-time insights, data and information directly to your fleet management tools.


Provides access to foundational Fleet Management Services adapted for Battery Electric Vehicles within My Scania, and adds the following main features to your fleet management tools:

Fleet Position

For Battery Electric Vehicle data visualisation, information and tracking of State-of-Charge (SOC) in map view supported by trucking map data. Information of on-going charging in vehicle information and map (icons, events). Data updates are shared in a 1-minute frequency as standard. 

Range Support

Battery Electric Vehicle Range Support helps you to map visualisation and simple range simulator to learn about battery performance in real life operations. Knowing your range estimation time/distance with electric drive for the vehicle allows you to accurately plan your trips, depending on weight and weather.

Vehicle Performance

Vehicle Performance offers important performance information such as energy consumption tracked along the driven distance. Time selection for customised reporting to suit your analysis needs is available to offer you a truly customizable experience like no other. Important events and alarms – for example low State-of-Charge (SOC) warnings can also be tracked for each vehicle.

Quick facts

✓ Transport managers and drivers are supported in their daily work via My Scania and the Scania Driver app.
✓ Easy to follow up with environmental and performance reporting features in My Scania. 
✓ Active tracking of energy consumption and current range. ✓ Real-time (1 min update) data visualisation of important vehicle and location information.
✓ Range support feature to learn how to plan for BEV range. ✓ 18 months of data available for up to follow-up and evaluation, with custom time interval selection.
✓ Important alerts and notifications.
✓ All vehicles shown in one view, regardless of vehicle type.

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