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New energy

Ready for some new energy?

The new, all-electric trucks are here, ready to bring new energy to your company. They have a range of up to 400 km, and come with smart digital services, financing, charging solutions, and a wide network of workshops – ready with quality advice, service, and parts.


The battery packs are assembled in-house at Scania. They are designed and built specifically for heavy commercial vehicles’ conditions, including high annual mileage and lifetime. Recruit an electric Scania truck today. It will fit in like a new employee – ready to work hard and bring a lot of new energy.

Key benefits with our next level BEVs

There are many reasons to diversify your fleet. The most obvious one is, of course, sustainability. But with the technological progress of recent years, and the quality of Scania’s engineering, our next level electric trucks are ready to help your business thrive – today.

400 km range

Continuing advances in battery technology are significantly extending the range of electric trucks. Scania’s latest electric truck has a range of up to 400 km. And when it’s time to charge, a full charge takes 85 min at 375 kW.

Charging your way

No matter if you need depot, destination, or public charging – or all of them – Scania provides a solution that suits your needs. And ensures to get it in place. And keeps it up and running.

Scania Charging Access

Find, access, and pay for public charging with one simple solution – in a network dedicated for heavy trucks.

Tailored for your needs

An expanding modular system that allows us to build electric trucks for a wide range of applications.

Workshop services close to you

A wide network of workshops – trained and ready to service your electric truck.

Digital services

A large and growing offering of digital services to maximize productivity.

Discover electrification at Scania

Electrify your operation

We'll guide you through the transition, and ensure that you’ll get a high-quality solution that works for you.

Our electric solutions

Our electric trucks enable a 100% emission free operation with up to 250km range on a single charge.

Charging solutions

Find out how Scania can help you customize the best charging solution for your electric trucks.

Scania Charging Access

Your one-stop solution for access to a reliable public truck charging network with the broadest coverage possible.

Scania truck configurator

Explore our easy-to-use configuration tool to tailor your truck for optimal productivity and efficiency. Get a quote from the configurator to get you one step closer to your dream truck.

Find your nearest dealer

With tailor-made solutions as a core value, all Scania trucks provide a strong basis for reliable, efficient, and flexible solutions when it comes to both the hardware and service offering.

Let’s talk electrification

Do you want more information about charging or do you want to explore the possibility of electrifying your operation? Please fill in the form, and we will contact you to get started.

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