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Repair and maintenance

Maximise your uptime

No business is like the other. Different routes, driving styles and environments, all affect the wear and tear on your vehicles. With Scania Repair and  maintenance services we tailor plans that fits your business, ensuring maximum planability, increasing productivity as well as decreasing disruptions in your daily operation.

Maintenance contract

We know every Scania inside out, and service thousands of vehicles new and old. With our maintenance contracts you have a 'home' workshop with a service team that builds a thorough knowledge of your vehicles, plus access to Scania's worldwide maintenance network.

Repair and maintenance contracts

With Scania's repair and maintenance contracts your vehicle or engine is in the safest possible hands. From powertrain protection to full bumper to bumper coverage or bodywork and auxiliary equipment – it’s all covered.

Fleet care

Scania Fleet Care takes care of the whole fleet, regardless of brands or age, and makes sure each vehicle is performing at peak condition. It enables your fleet to maintain maximum uptime so you can focus on your core business.


TENTIK is a genuine Scania part. The trademark is exclusively applied for selected parts commonly used in the TRATON GROUP. Common marking parts have the same quality and warranty conditions as Scania marked parts and are only available through the official Scania network.


ProCare is our most advanced tier of service offering, providing the highest level of uptime and productivity possible – and ensuring that every customer promise can be made with confidence. Based on the data received 24/7 from over 600 000 connected vehicles globally, in combination with your specific vehicle data – our advanced analytics intelligence accurately predicts future mechanical issues and solves them before they happen.

Scania Repair and maintenance around the world

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