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For every mile and each journey

Travel operations

Achieving sustainable mobility

Reducing CO2 emissions is a crucial part of making transport sustainable. Transitioning to highly efficient hybrid or conventional powertrains which run on renewable fuels can significantly reduce the levels of emissions – today. 

At Scania, we approach the challenge from several angles, offering a wide range of efficient, high quality products and services to meet the varying needs of travel operators.


Our approach is to develop and refine products that meet or exceed environmental requirements, but without compromising on performance, driveability or productivity.

Low-emission powertrains

Scania has vast experience of renewable fuels, and today, offers a wide range of powertrains that also run on fuels such as biodiesel/FAME, HVO, and biogas. Using these fuels can have a massive impact when it comes to reducing emissions, not least in high-mileage operations.


In addition, we have pioneered hybrid-electric technology, which significantly reduces fuel consumption and emissions by increasing powertrain efficiency through, for instance, brake energy recovery. And on top of that, offering outstanding driveability.

Energy efficiency that makes a difference

To achieve energy-efficient operations, one must consider the impact of product technology, having the right vehicle for the operation, and keeping it in prime condition via quality maintenance. Also, how the product is being used by the driver plays an important role in the total energy consumption. With fuel-efficient coaches, specification support, driver training and support, Scania addresses fuel consumption from multiple angles.

Improving operating economy

Operators know the importance of maximising vehicle uptime. At Scania, customer profitability is a key consideration in the products and services we develop and offer.


Our coaches are highly energy-efficient and reliable, which, along with the professional supporting services we offer, benefit the total operating economy of the vehicle.

Lower cost through energy efficiency

Because fuel consumption is one of the main factors in operating cost, Scania´s efficient powertrains can save a lot of money. Our new generation of coaches can reduce consumption by as much as 6%, all without compromising on performance.


Further, our fleet management services, maintenance services, driver assistance systems, and driver training and support services can make a massive difference, with the latter alone typically contributing to savings of 10%.

Ensuring availability

High vehicle utilisation is key to a good operating economy. The design and reliability of Scania coaches, outstanding spare parts availability, and connected maintenance and repair services, safeguard just that. Built on proven technology and components, the dependability, durability and robustness are trademarks of Scania vehicles. The design and construction also protects sensitive and expensive components in the event of a collision, minimising time-consuming and costly repairs. And not least, state-of-the-art driver assistance systems and superb driveability can help prevent accidents altogether.

Driver and passenger environment

Whether operating at higher speeds on intercity routes, or in busy city environments, safety is of the utmost importance – protecting passengers and the driver, as well as other road users. Scania coaches have state-of-the-art safety systems and features that help to prevent accidents or minimise potential damage in the event of an incident. As well as enhanced safety features, Scania coaches offer a pleasant environment for both driver and passengers.

Safer by design

In travel operations, safety can be about both highway and inner-city traffic. To prevent accidents, Scania coaches have built-in state-of-the-art safety systems and features, helping increase driver awareness or even to control the vehicle when needed. Lane change collision prevention, attention support, tyre pressure monitoring, zone control, and advanced emergency brake are just a few of the systems available. In addition, the construction at the front and rear limits deformation and prevents passenger cars from sliding under the coach.

A first-class driver area

At Scania, we have developed a driver area that we believe is industry leading. It offers the best possible work environment in terms of ergonomics, reachability, climate control, safety features and comfort. In addition to that, excellent visibility for the driver, an overall well balanced vehicle, a powerful and reliable powertrain and great turning radius, makes for outstanding drivability. Also, the driver is supported with advanced driver assistance systems that provide enhanced control of the vehicle.

a comfortable passenger experience

Passengers should be able to read, work, watch a film or rest in comfort. The comfortable ride characteristics offered by a Scania coach are achieved through a forgiving suspension, an efficient gearbox with smooth transmission, powerful engines and well-balanced weight distribution. Additionally, the low noise and excellent drivability as well as our driver services contribute further to improved passenger comfort.


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