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Raja leads with excellence and team unity in Singapore workshop

20 JUNE 2024

Raja stands out as a dedicated Workshop Manager in Singapore, recognised for his commitment to customer satisfaction and teamwork. His commitment has earned him the SSEA best-performing employee award twice. His achievements are celebrated and displayed as a standard for all of us in Scania.

We shine the spotlight on someone who embodies the essence of dedication, excellence, and teamwork – our very own Rajakumar Murugaiyan. Referred to as Raja, he has been an integral part of our Scania family for 14 years. Currently, the Workshop Manager in the Singapore Senoko workshop, Raja's journey with us has been inspiring.


His accomplishments speak volumes – winning the Scania Southeast Asia (SSEA) Best-Performing Employee not once, but twice, in both 2017 and 2020 is no small feat. As a reward, he was granted trips to our Scania head office in Sweden. Stepping into Scania Södertälje, he was filled with pride knowing his hard work had been acknowledged. It is moments like these that remind us of all the rewards that come with commitment.

Customer-centric approach

Raja believes in going the extra mile, ensuring that every customer leaves our workshop with a smile. If ever a customer isn't satisfied, Raja takes it upon himself to make things right - whether it's a personal call or a face-to-face meeting, he's there to address their concerns head-on. Quality work and on-time delivery are non-negotiable for him. He knows that by upholding these standards and maintaining a friendly attitude, we can build a customer-centric approach to gain trust in our workshop. 


One thing that truly ignites Raja's passion is diving into each new day filled with diverse scenarios. “Everyday is a new experience – meeting new people. There are new challenges to solve, and we solve them together. It is teamwork. Working with such a great bunch of team members and an amazing boss makes me so happy. Our country manager is always there for us, sharing ideas and jumping into the trenches to help whenever we need him. That’s the reason why we can solve a lot of matters here,” says Raja.


He understands the power of teamwork and the importance of nurturing strong relationships within the team. With his leadership, our workshop has become a well-oiled machine, capable of overcoming any challenge that comes our way.


Speaking of challenges, Raja knows a thing or two about managing them. Whether it's a manpower shortage or dealing with pressure, he handles it with grace and resilience. He believes in taking a step back when things get tough, regrouping, and coming back stronger.

Building a family in the workplace

What truly sets Raja apart is the joy of helping others. No task is too big or too small for him. Having been a part of this company for 14 years, it has become more than just a workplace to him, it is like a second home. Here, he builds a close-knit environment where colleagues are not just coworkers, but like family. When one of us faces a rough patch, it is only a matter of days before we brush off the tension and return to our supportive atmosphere.


Raja's service reflects a commitment to excellence and teamwork, contributing significantly to the positive work environment. His journey exemplifies the results of hard work and passion and is appreciated for the standard it sets.