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Truck fans drive from Shanghai to Sweden in a V8 Scania 650 S

18 AUGUSTI 2023

Two Chinese truckers have caught on to the truck culture and made a 13 000 km journey from China to Europe in a Scania vehicle.


The number of truck enthusiasts in China is growing, piquing their curiosity and interest in truck shows. Liu Weitao and Guo Longxian are two passionate truckers who ventured on a long road trip to the Truckstar Festival in the Netherlands. This was the first time that a Chinese truck license plate appeared in the Truckstar competition.


The owners of Shanghai Haizhou Transportation Company joined participants at the festival to showcase their Scania truck painted in a motif of a Transformer character and absorb all the event has to offer. “We want to join the festival in person and learn from it. The participation is amazing with many people attending. It creates a particularly good atmosphere, and we wish to bring this experience back to China.” says Liu. He has organised the first Chinese truck festival this year, and he hopes to generate ideas and knowledge gained in the Netherlands to make the next truck festival in Shanghai even better.

Truck culture influence

In China, a truck has traditionally been considered a cheap means of transporting goods. But in recent years, the mindset is gradually evolving to embrace the truck culture – a concept that Scania has been instrumental in creating over there. Drivers develop a positive bond with their trucks on which their livelihood is dependent.


A truck is not just a truck. It’s a lifestyle behind the wheel coupled with a cosy home on the go! They have a personal attachment to their vehicles – taking care, decorating, and driving responsibly.


It was the first time Liu and Guo travelled in a Scania truck to Truckstar. “The cab is very high and spacious, and the living condition is extremely comfortable. We slept in the truck for two weeks, driving about 13 000 km, and it did not give us any problems at all during our entire journey,” comments Liu satisfactorily

Trust and inspiration

Travelling the long journey requires trust in the vehicle – the trust knowing that your vehicle will take you from point to point trouble-free. Liu recognises the premium value offered by Scania and driving across continents is a testament to his confidence in the quality of the Scania brand.


In Sweden, the two men paid a visit to Sven-Erik Bergendahl at the Svempas workshop, popularly known for his custom builds including styling and modifications of Scania trucks. It’s a ‘must do’ inspirational stop for truck fans, especially after the Svempa 999 cab stole the show at the Shanghai Automotive Show in 2011 and made waves among the truck community in China.