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Tomas puts creativity on the table

12 APRIL 2023

Tomas Rignérs team was assigned to make the dashboard, for the new cab generation. It included a new robust and safe table solution, on the passenger side, which Tomas started working on. And since 2016, his foldable magnesium table is railed into a collision-proof dashboard case, by Scania truck drivers on a daily basis. “It works fine,” says Tomas. The table compartment is slightly tilted forward, inside the dashboard on the passenger side. “It needed to be placed in a certain angle for optimal windscreen view.” 

Thanks to Tomas’ invention Scania already fulfils the viewability legislation that will be effective from 2029. 

An experienced developer

After twenty-two years at Scania, Tomas has become Senior Engineer at the cab development department. Mostly, he engages in projects concerning different parts of the dashboard and other cab interior surfaces. But now-and-then he develops human-machine interface (HMI) solutions for drivers, that includes moving parts. “Mechanical inventions are usually easier to patent than solutions for material design, he says”.

Patents give guidance

After studying development engineering at Halmstad University, Tomas worked at a patent bureau for a couple of years. Although he did not pursue a career within patents it was a valuable experience. “The patent process gives good guidance in identifying your development purpose: what problem to solve, which solution to use, and how to make a comprehensive description. It has helped a lot in my work.”

Good ideas comes when you have fun

The creative side and problem solving is what is most appealing to Tomas. He likes group workshops where you need to think freely and outside the box. “I remember once when we were supposed to design a space ship,” Tomas says with a smile, “Although it was never meant to ‘fly’, a lot of creativity came out, along with ideas that were later shown to be useful.” 

Growing children

Tomas is also a family man who enjoys house projects with his wife. He loves the archipelago and to move around in the big forest nearby. He feels that the children are growing a little too fast. “We are fortunate that our daughter still lives at home. Her brother studies away to become a math teacher. Their future happiness means so much”.