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"To be in sync, clear communication is essential"

Gökberk Nur finds working as a software engineer is more than coding. Communication skills play an important role and the interest in design, particularly for a front-end developer is an added advantage.

Gökberk Nur, our Software Engineer who currently works at the Charging Services division keeps busy providing solutions and developing the user interface for electric trucks together with his team. It is to help fleet owners operate smoothly, enabling the customers to see the truck’s charging level and avoid unnecessary charging issues.


As the future of electric trucks gains momentum, Gökberk anticipates exciting developments ahead with lots of new technology to discover in this developing segment. His role would undoubtedly become more demanding.


In his job, he often embarks on many new challenges and is uncertain of what to expect or the outcome. “Therefore, pushing the boundaries and exploring possibilities to improve the digital touch experience at Scania inspires me,” says Nur.

Importance of communication

Gökberk feels that when working with a tech team where teammates have different skills and backgrounds, communication plays an important part in enabling the team members to have a clear understanding and ensuring that everyone is in sync. Solving the task is not a problem. What’s essential is the ability to solve differences in ideas and opinions to ensure the team works in harmony so that everyone can contribute to the common goal.


As a child, he has always been fascinated by automobiles and therefore made a conscious choice where his studies could be applied to the automotive industry. “It is a competitive business, where software is becoming more and more important. The way we see vehicles around us is changing. It motivates me to understand the complexity and how I can contribute. And simplifying the complexity is my driving force,” adds Nur.


He first joined Scania Research & Development in 2019 while working on his thesis, and subsequently completed his Master’s in User Experience Design and IT architecture at Jönköping University, Sweden. In his first position at the Sales IT department, he was developing systems for front-end applications for the product configurator on the web interface. The system allows customers the versatility to build the truck of their choice.


Gökberk, who also holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Software Engineering, sees things from different perspectives, from an engineering background and a user experience perspective. The foundation he has helps him understand the software engineering requirements and the user design needs.

A mood booster

The keen engineer likes to try new things and has initiated an internal “Meet-Up” group in March 2023. The networking group of Front-End Developers at Scania gather to discuss front-end development, share knowledge and explore how the latest technologies can be applied in Scania.


On the personal side, Gökberk has an interest in photography and enjoys visiting galleries. He had the opportunity to take some drone pictures and had some of his photos exhibited. “I have sold some photos. It’s a mood booster and gives a nice feeling knowing that my pictures are hung in someone’s home,” says Gökberk gladly.