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Scania hybrid engine in airport fire truck

16 MARS 2023

Scania’s hybrid solution developed for industrial and marine purposes is a perfect fit for airport fire trucks (ARFF).Together with chassis manufacturer Titan Spezialfahrzeugbau GmbH, Albert Ziegler GmbH can now offer solutions that enables zero-emission drive in and around airports. The combined diesel-electric power cuts crash site response time that exceeds strict aviation industry requirements and lowers  emissions.


The requirements for fire departments and airports worldwide are not only to have a fast and rapid response in case of emergency, it is also changing along the lines of sustainability. This includes decarbonisation and emission reduction of vehicles and other ground support equipment, and has prompted environmentally conscious alternatives. This appeals to Germany-based chassis manufacturer Titan, Scania’s first customer for this hybrid configuration for airport fire trucks. Titan will use it in their new T-39 6x6-H ARFF chassis series.

The hybrid solution

Scania’s solution enables the vehicle to run almost all kinds of daily operations emission free on electricity. This not only decreases emissions, but also improves the life for the people working in the area. The combustion engine itself is approved for HVO, something that reduces emissions to a minimum.


The  hybrid solution from Scania will also improve a number of product characteristics of the vehicle. In case of emergency, it is all about getting to the incident as fast and safe as possible. This solution has made the acceleration time reach a new level for this kind of vehicle. The hybrid truck has 770 hp from a Scania 16-litre V8 combustion engine in combination with 380 hp from an electric motor. This gives the hybrid up to 1,150 hp in total.

For Global Key Account Manager Tommy Johnson, decreased emissions at airports and improved vehicle characteristics that may save lives is an achievement where we have combined our great experience as a truck- and bus manufacturer with the new innovations and insights we have developed on our rapid electrification journey: “We have leveraged on the technology developed for our trucks and buses to develop a complete offering that suits this kind of vehicle really well.”


The solution has adapted technology used in our truck and buses. Customers will  benefit from our services, keeping the uptime to a maximum. Scania contributes with battery, E-machine, combustion engine and all related components for the system. 


Technical data:

Chassis Type: Titan T39-770 6×6 HYBRIDdrive

Motor and engine power
Combustion engine: Scania DC16 386, V8-Cylinder, 16.4 Liter,566 kW / 770 HP

Electric system
Scania Electric-Power-Train 230 kW(Continuous), 280 kW (Peak)Lithium-Ion Battery with 104 kWh
HYBRIDdrive parameters: Total output max. 846 Kw / 1150 HP