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WIKAB chose a Scania L 280 for better safety and comfort

20 JUNE 2023

Transport and road-work company WIKAB’s new Scania L 280 TMA-truck with Scania City Door is a low-entry truck perfectly suited for challenging traffic environments, with its safe and easy-to-access cab design.

WIKAB is known and trusted with 40 years in the business. With 30 employees and a fleet of 16 vehicles they do all kinds of transport and roadwork, when not assisting other municipal and private operators with road safety. “You could say that advanced traffic safety is always on our agenda. We protect other companies and authorities in construction and maintenance work on the roads in the area,” says manager and co-owner Patrick Wik. “This new Scania L 280 has some good features regarding safety and ergonomics. The low-entry and broad instep makes it stand out from the rest of our trucks, with its manoeuvrability and the easy-to-access driving position.”

Trusted for versatile and high-risk assignments

WIKAB’s mixed fleet consist of service vehicles with cranes, hook-lifts, flatbeds and refuse collectors, aside from the important TMA-vehicles (Truck Mounted Attenuator). A TMA-truck rarely works alone, and the main task is to serve as an information sign carrier and a collision damper, thus protecting people and vehicles working on the roads, mostly during nights.

When visiting WIKAB’s office near the E6 highway, some 40 minutes south of Gothenburg, the first impression does not reveal much of the dangerous and sometimes hectic road work they engage in 24/7/365. The only give-away are a few fluorescent jackets by the entrance. The office atmosphere is tidy and calm. As Patrick invites you in, you will be kindly asked to leave your shoes in the hall before offered a hot mug of morning coffee. He likes Scania, and he continues to passionately describe WIKAB’s business and fleet of work vehicles.

Safe and easy access with Scania City Door

“We have TMA-trucks with S- and R-cabs which are good for many tasks, but we wanted a new one with focus on safety in combination with better ergonomics. This new Scania low-entry cab puts the driver closer to the ground for better access to narrow places in tunnels or by road-side walls. My drivers can now safely and swiftly move in and out of the truck without having to open the driver door and be exposed to the traffic stream.”


The new TMA-truck is equipped with a Scania City Door on the right-hand side, while the driver seat is to the left. With the Scania L 280’s forwarded cab position, the engine tunnel is out of the way which gives a great cross-cab access.


The Scania City Door does not require any space outside to open, unlike ordinary cab doors. This appeals very much to WIKAB employee Nicklas Jonsson, who was the first driver to try it out, and still likes to drive the new L-series truck.


“This new truck works perfectly, both in terms of ergonomics and safety. It feels safer to sit on this low level. You have many possibilities to sit comfortably, and it certainly feels like a Scania.” says Nicklas. "The visibility is great all around, not to mention the fixed position of the rear-view mirror on the right side. It never moves when you open the City Door, which eliminates the blind spot when driving and makes it much safer to exit to the side of the road.”

Nicklas and his colleagues felt it was a bit unusual in the beginning, to sit so low and in front of the axle, but it soon became a habit. The benefit of being close to the asphalt and to have an excellent view of the surrounding traffic compensates more than enough. The low entry is a big advantage when frequently stepping in and out of the cab during a shift. The Scania City Door works like the front door of a city bus, leaving plenty of room for where to place your foot to enter.


“This truck makes my work much easier,” says Nicklas. “I think it makes an excellent  TMA-truck.”