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Italian Rigotto chooses Scania ProCare


Professionality and punctuality. Keywords that have been with Tiziano Rigotto since he founded Autotrasporti Rigotto Tiziano SRL in 1994. To emphasize the importance of its customers, the company chooses Scania ProCare to prevent unnecessary stops.

Three decades in the business, and it is clear that Rigotto wants to stay a lot longer. “Transport and logistics are very competitive and therefore you need to be very efficient and punctual,“ says Tiziano Rigotto. “I can’t have any unforeseen events, it is out of respect for my customers.”

Try Scania ProCare

When the chance came to try Scania ProCare, Rigotto was keen. “It’s new, it’s innovative.” Scania ProCare keeps the trucks up and running, avoiding unplanned downtime. It’s made up of two areas: “First, real-time monitoring of the state of the vehicles, which allows us to prevent any problems that could cause downtime. It also provides preventive replacement of some components, before they can cause breakdowns,” says Alessandra Bonetti, responsible for Scania service products at the facility in Trento. It is a proactive approach when it comes to managing visits to the workshop, in the end giving maximum vehicle availability and uptime by reducing unplanned downtime. Rigotto adds: “We also have five-year maintenance contracts, with Scania personnel coming to us to do the work. This saves us travel and makes us more efficient.”


A long journey

The company has come a long way since then truck driver Tiziano Rigotto was offered to take one truck as his own three decades ago. It was the start of a success story. His mindset allowed him to expand the business and presently operates 50 trucks. Rigotto takes exceptional care of its trucks, all of which are Scania,  a mixture of gas trucks and Scania Super. The company sees that the fuel savings will be more than ten percent compared to the previous trucks they have had. “It’s a huge benefit, obviously.“ With 40,000 m2 based in Ala, in the province of Trento, the company has grown from serving mainly Dana Italia Spa (Tiziano’s previous employer) to being a popular choice for transport among businesses in northern Italy. “We specialize in next-day deliveries, and are very selective even with customers, focusing on Northern Italy, Switzerland, and Hungary.”