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Energy and interaction make Christina’s world spin

Imagine being responsible for the support of a new global system within HR. That is a challenge, and also fun. Add two children and a horse, and oh, running a horse club too! It’s lucky that Scania’s Christina Crafoord has an almost unlimited supply of energy and an ability to maintain balance in life.

As Service Manager at Scania’s People & Culture IT, she has taken on a new role. Not just for her, but for a completely new position that hasn’t been available before. “To be able to shape my job, and interact with everyone involved throughout the process was what got me interested in the first place.” Her mission is to connect people, business and IT, and it has also given her new insights into how human resources work, and how the IT system will help them out in their daily work. “As we are setting up a new support organisation from scratch, we learn as we go. It is amazing!”

Conscious about her choices

Keeping busy is common for Christina. She is used to always maintaining a steady pace and producing beyond what is needed. Her energy level is high, and she is happy to share it. “My job is nothing but fun, and with Scania, I’m never alone. “ So she does what she always has; sets her own frames. Since she became a mother of two, she is even more aware of her time. “I consider how things I take on affect me. What do I want and need?”


Christina has worked at Scania since 2018. It was a very deliberate choice. “I live in Mariefred, with a convenient commuter distance to Södertälje. Stockholm has never appealed to me when it comes to work. I’d rather do things I love than spend time on a train or in a car.” That she decided on a career in IT says a lot about her character. It was a complete turnaround of life choice after a decade as a horse groomer. “The highlight from that era was actually the time I drove a truck full of horses through Paris.” The truth is, Christina wanted to keep horses as a hobby, while working  with something that pays a bit better. To be more flexible was something she valued. “IT and project management it was. And I have found a place to thrive.”

Topics close to her heart

She also makes good use of her energy. As a Scania Skill Capture ambassador, she figured we need more awareness of diversity. “I wanted to find a way to measure the level of inclusion and equity in our groups. To be more transparent.” A team of other colleagues within IT gathered and developed a diversity app, soon-to-be-finished. “We want people to reflect on the context they are working in. It’s not a matter of how ‘good’ or ‘bad’ the constellation is. It’s to raise questions that can bring discussions forward.” Christina also feels that the ability to do a thing like this on the side of her regular job is rewarding, and a sign of Scania’s innovative spirit.


To hear about Christina’s energy and ability to take on new things might be overwhelming, but she is extremely aware of her limits, and watchful for herself. “I have so many topics close to my heart. It is a balance between gaining and giving my energy. I want to be productive, to keep the drive.” As for the future, Christina is impressed by Scania’s leadership programme, and sees herself as a manager somewhere along the way. “To work with bringing out the best in every individual, that would add to the fun.”