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Bjørnars Transport pioneers with electric trucks in Bergen

31 AUGUST 2022

Four electric Scania trucks. That is what Bjørnar Pedersen, owner and founder of Bjørnars Transport, added to his fleet of 35 tipper trucks. 

His trucks are normally booked on a day-to-day basis, or for engagements up to two weeks. “The electric trucks are on two-year contracts. That makes life easier,” Bjørnar says, as they carry fills to various municipality projects. He really wanted to be early to take on electric vehicles. “Electric vehicles aren’t really easy to handle in this region. The infrastructure for charging sure has room for improvements.” And he had to put some work in to convince the sceptics. “People in general, and also our partners, needed some time to get used to the idea. But now they see the same as us – it’s success!”


Bergen is a hilly city, and Norways’s second largest. The distance between the axles on the truck are almost one meter longer than on the others, something that makes the navigation through narrow streets a bit tricky. Also the surrounding area is characterised by mountainous roads, and tunnels. “Going downhill is good for us. The truck charges and has power for the steep uphills.”

Great driver experience

Bjørnar Pedersen

Bjørnar Pedersen, owner and founder of Bjørnars Transport

Bjørnars Transport was founded by Bjørnar himself when he was only 20 years old. Back then, he was a driver. After twelve years, he found himself in an office instead, to handle administration and enable the company to grow. He also partnered with his twin-brother Glenn. Because of his background, he is well-aware of the working day of his employees.

When Bjørnar elaborates on the future, he is not sure what energy will be used in a few years’ time. “What I do know is that diesel won’t be the main source anymore.”