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Scania batteries power music on tour

25 AUGUSTI 2022

You’d think that Scania batteries are only for electric trucks and buses, or marine engines or other areas of use with an industry feel to it. But no. These battery packs can actually support bands on tour to give their fans a great musical experience, with concerts that are powered by green energy stored in batteries.

Even music needs to reflect on its impact on the planet. And luckily, there are bands that are doing what they can to accelerate the pace in the music industry, inspiring others to follow suit and take actions that can minimise the environmental footprint of music.

Scania and Vestas

Vestas, a major and leading producer of wind-turbines that has partnered up with a famous band, currently on tour in Denmark, provides a more environmentally friendly solution to the music industry. Vestas brings green energy to the concerts, and Scania has supported them with a battery system developed for storage and distribution of energy at the concerts.


The set-up with wind-turbine powered batteries has decreased the carbon emissions with 98,5 per cent as the band and crew use batteries instead of diesel generators as power source for the lights and sound. The six concerts in question are held in five different locations, one of them being completely off-grid, and shows how existing technology can be a driver for real change. 

New and old

The 2MWh capacity Scania batteries used to power these shows are new, but it could potentially be a way to re-use older batteries from our electrical vehicles in the future, prolonging their life cycle. This is exactly in line with Scania’s commitment –

to develop battery- and charging solutions with a high customer value and be at the forefront of electrification and sustainability work.


For this tour, a Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) was integrated in the concerts energy set-up. Each of the two 1MWh BESS units used, has a 900kW power capacity. However, at the concerts the system delivered an average of 180kW.


For Scania, this is yet another step towards a more sustainable society. To take on other areas than those directly connected to transport is a way to keep up the work to lower emissions, no matter where and hence see the big picture.