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Posten Norge is testing an all-electric truck from Oslo to Tromsø


The Norwegian postal service is currently testing its new, all-electric distribution truck from Scania on the route between Oslo and Tromsø, a section of 1,600 km. 

With a battery capacity of up to 300 kWh and an estimated range of about 250 km, this is the biggest challenge for the truck so far, and also the longest trip an all-electric truck has yet encountered. The route is demanding, with winding roads passing several mountains on the way. 

Thoroughly tested

Until now, the truck has tried the roads in Eastern Norway, on a route that is more than 250 km. "We would like to know whether the truck will keep Scania's promise of range, the energy consumption and how it will work at the planned charging points. We are also interested in the real operating costs, "says Kenneth Tjønndal Pettersen, Press Manager Posten Norge.

Tough climate

Once the truck has reached Tromsø, this will be the truck's new workplace. Tromsø is located far north in Norway, and the climate is subarctic. The winter season brings a lot of snow, and the snow banks are often more than two meters high. Temperatures of -10 to -20 degrees Celsius are not uncommon. The warmest month is July, when average temperatures reach just below 13 degrees. The truck really needs to prove that it is an option even in cold conditions.


“New products are continuously developed, tested and adapted to the market. The experiences from the trip with Posten Norge’s truck will give us valuable insights that can contribute to more people choosing electric transport solutions,” says John Lauvstad, Director Marketing, Communication and Sustainability, at Norsk Scania.