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Scania's commitment to sustainability caught Stina’s interest

30 APRIL 2021

R&D engineer Stina Carneheim started her career at Scania in 2020. She graduated from The Royal Institute of Technology, KTH, with a MSc in Electric Power Engineering. Scania approached her and her fellow students right from the start and invited them to the factory in Södertälje a few times over the years.


“Scania spoke about environmental issues even before it was considered cool,” says Stina “and that really caught my interest."



Stina mixed studies with work. She also engaged in campus life and student events, which turned out to be important when also accepting the job she applied for at Scania. At a talent scouting, ‘speed-dating’, with invited companies, she connected with Scania’s representative at the dinner. It was Annika Pysing, who confirmed Stina’s choice of employer – and later became her boss.



Stina’s group, Harness Design Autonomous & Cab, works with cables and wiring in trucks and the structuring of the vehicle’s electronic communication and power supplies. Working with prototype solutions, she is in contact with many other functions, which she finds rewarding.



“The best part of this job is to turn an idea into practice and to see when it happens, when all planning and design work turns into something concrete and useful. That is what makes it exciting to be an engineer.”