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“Scania trucks really perform in terms of safety, efficiency and reliability”

13 JANUARI 2020

Over the past four years, Australian Sydney-based container solutions company Swift Transport has purchased around 50 new Scania trucks, with the most recent being a fleet of 17 G 450, G 500 and G 540.

“I have lost count of how many Scania trucks we have on the fleet,” says Michael Volonakis, Swift Transport’s Director of International Business Development.


The business specialises in transporting containers that arrive into the port at Sydney, offering transport throughout Australia. Swift Transport offers container transport and warehouse storage, and prides itself on ensuring shipments are delivered safely, on-time and seamlessly.


 “These Scania trucks really perform in terms of safety, efficiency, reliability: they are second to none in my opinion. If trucks had driven, stopped and handled this well back when I was driving, well I would probably still behind the wheel,” says Volonakis.

Swift appreciate Scania´s total operating economy

Swift has had four years to appreciate the benefits of Scania ownership, primarily, of course, the excellent total operating economy.


“We are a business, so running costs are very important, as well as purchase price, residual value, and of course complete driver satisfaction.


“For our business the predictability of running costs delivered by the Scania Repair and Maintenance contract is a no brainer. Nothing is worse than an unexpected repair bill, but with the Scania R & M contracts, well ... there are no surprises,” he says.


“We also take advantage of the Scania driver training programme and of course finance through Scania Finance Australia. We love package deals, and if you want to sell a package, you must first have a package worth selling.”