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Biogas transport operations – the self-evident choice

28 JANUARY 2021

The choice of fuel is often determined by the customer’s environmental engagement. For Swedish haulier Skänninge Godstransporter the choice was simple since its primary customer, Toyota Material Handling  Manufacturing Sweden, has switched to biogas in its production.

It is therefore hardly surprising that the company operates a Scania R 410 on liquefied biogas when delivering components for Toyota’s production of hand trucks and electric warehouse trucks in Mjölby, Sweden.


“Operating on biogas was a requirement by them,” says Gunnar Svensson, Managing Director, Skänninge Godstransporter. “That customers stipulate environmental terms is becoming more common in the industry. That fits us well.”


Svensson appreciates Scania’s Otto engine gas solution, which ensures low noise and only having to fill the tank with liquefied gas without adding AdBlue or diesel.


Scania’s liquefied gas trucks can be ordered with two tanks for a total range of 1,600 km. Skänninge has opted for a single tank since the company only averages 300 km per day.

“The truck runs nicely and smoothly,
altogether very pleasant”

“The truck runs nicely and smoothly, altogether very pleasant. We fill up at the liquefied biogas station here in Mjölby. You need safety glasses, gloves and to carry out the procedure in the right order. But then the filling operation is quick.”


The company was started by Gunnar’s father Ivar F Svensson back in 1937 and passed on to his two sons. During the late 1950s, Ivar was busy driving in Europe in his Scania L10 that was later replaced by a Scania LS75. These days, the haulier is content with driving locally in Sweden for DB Schenker.