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New Scania G 410 tanker trucks to Malaysian Ace Gases

21 OCTOBER 2020

The industrial gas supply market in Malaysia has always been dominated by international companies with local suppliers competing for a slice of the business. In autumn 2019, Malaysia-based Ace Gases entered the market having previously established its own nitrogen and carbon dioxide production plants. To supply customers, the company acquired three Scania G 410 tanker trucks to transport CO2 and one Scania G 410 tanker for oxygen deliveries.

“Transporting CO2 with the powerful Scania tankers has been smooth and safe for both the drivers and other road users,” says Ace Gases’ General Manager Ryan Chong Ann Tsun. “I’m glad that we decided on the Scania trucks. The higher capital expenditure is justified since I am confident that in due time, they will bring down the operating expenditure even more.”


Ryan Chong says that the next step will be to have a fleet of Scania trucks with dedicated drivers that will be responsible for fuel efficiency and achieving maximum uptime. Data from the Scania Fleet Management system shows fuel that consumption at present is above target at 35.7 litres/100 km with a new target being set at 33.3 litres/100 km.

Impressed by Scania's services

“With all these technologically-advanced features in place, the drivers will find it much easier to fulfil our performance targets and will inspire them to perform well.”


Ryan Chong is also impressed by the services that Scania offers. “Scania’s Repair and Maintenance contract is not just about repairing a broken down truck but about foresight and addressing the common problems that all operations go through even before they occur. The service organisation doesn’t tire from contacting us to find out if they can assist us in any way they can.”