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Electrification is most efficient, quickest and cost-effective

The total cost of ownership of battery electric vehicles (BEV) will be the same as for all types of heavy combustion engine diesel vehicles already by 2031. Distribution trucks have already reached cost-parity in Sweden and BEV buses in Germany-


Full-scale electrification will require four to five times more infrastructure investment relative to the present situation. In return, operating expenses are 40 percent lower than for heavy diesel vehicles.

Electric highways for long-haulage transportation could accelerate electrification, particularly in the coming decade when the cost of battery costs is expected to remain high.

Compared to business as usual. Extrapolation of present-day situation with no decisive CO2 reduction action taken.

1 Net cash cost, including savings from system and vehicle levers ( EUR bn).
2 Cumulative reduction in percent (metric tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent) Average across China, Germany, USA and Sweden from 2017 to 2050.