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What truck drivers think of Scania’s BEV

From the frozen north down to the sunny south, we’ve interviewed drivers about what they think about driving an electric truck. Check out this film to see their responses.

The drivers we talked to transport everything from timber and groceries to gravel and iron ore. And they work under conditions ranging from Sweden’s frozen north to the sunny plains of Spain. But they have one thing in common. They have all tried an electric truck from Scania. Here’s what they say about driving a BEV.

From sceptic to enthusiast

Björn Erik Liern, a driver for Becker Entreprenad, a Norwegian transport company specialised in construction, says he was “really, really sceptical” about electric  vehicles when they started to emerge.


“I said, ‘this will never work’. But when the possibility came for me to try an electric [truck] here at Becker, I thought I would give it a try,” he says. “And I will have to confess, plain and simple, that this is the future. BEVs live up to the expectations, and more.”

Impressed by the performance

Stig Hoffner, a driver for LKAB mining company in Gällivare in northern Sweden, is also impressed by the performance of the BEV.


“It is extremely quiet compared to a diesel truck, especially when you are driving uphill and need to use low gears,” he says. “The truck responds right away, capacity-wise, and it has excellent torque.” 

Appreciate the quiet

Both Linnea Frölander, a timber truck driver for Grundberg transport company in Sweden, and José Fernandez Garcias, a driver for the Spanish supermarket chain Alimerka, appreciate the silent work environment of a BEV.


“I would like to tell those who haven’t driven an electric truck yet that they should try,” says Frölander. “The work environment is incredible.”


Garcias also comments on the quiet. “I’m used to engines with noises here and there,” he says, “but you don’t hear any of this. It’s like driving from the sofa at home.”

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