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Fascinating facts about Scania's powertrain

An impressive new electric powertrain, a new test facility and BEVs equipped for pulling really heavy loads. Here are some exciting facts from the e-mobility world.

Did you know?

With six gears and three motors that control gear shifting so that no clutches are needed, the Scania electric powertrain EM C3-6 provides unmatched seamless gearshifting.


The new electric machine can also regenerate 600 kW of power, which is even more than the output of the machine. This allows a powerful deceleration of the vehicle, and puts energy back into the batteries.

The new facility includes a three-kilometre recreation of actual road-like conditions and ten kilometres of test tracks as well as tracks used for testing manoeuvering and braking. The 85-hectare facility is being connected to Scania’s Research & Development in Södertälje and the plan is to have it ready by 2026.

This ensures the batteries are protected from vibrations and the impact of crashes, prolonging the batteries’ life and minimising hazards if there is an accident.

Through the concept Scania Pilot Partner, Scania is working with specific customers to develop test versions of electric vehicles before they go into serial production. The goal is for Scania and the haulier to learn more together about the vehicles and the electrification process.


One such customer is the chemical supplier Wibax, whose 64-tonne electric truck drives the roads of northern Sweden.


“We have done our utmost to be sustainable since the company was founded in 1986”, says Jonas Wiklund, CEO of Wibax Group. “And as we have identified transport as our biggest environmental impact, this electric truck is a step to ensuring we can carry on with our operations with the climate in mind. During the lifetime of this truck, Wibax will reduce CO2 emissions by up to 1,400 tonnes, making it a true game-changer.”

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