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Swedish Workplace Programme

Scania partners with the Swedish Workplace Programme (SWP). The programme is based on the proven partnership model where management and employees jointly solve problems and improve the daily operations of business, growth including occupational health and safety (OHS), skills development, gender equality and diversity in the workplace.

The cooperation with SWP dates back to 2004 when Scania and 10 Swedish companies in Sub Sharan Africa started to mitigate the effects of the HIV epidemic that hampered the productivity and negatively affected the lives of thousands of employees, then as the Swedish Workplace HIV and AIDS Programme (SWHAP).


As a result of the cooperation Scania today has workplace programmes in 29 workplaces reaching 1120 employees (in 2018). Since 2004 Scania have trained over 9241 staff and people in their local communities. Through the wellness committees, events and our Scania Driver Competitions:


  • Scania carries out its own testing and counselling for local drivers in eight different countries.
  • Support social dialogue at Scania workplaces through the creation of workplace committees
  • promote the uptake of HIV testing and counselling among drivers and the general public
  • promote wellness and a healthy lifestyle
  • refer clients for further assessment and help as necessary


SWP and SWHAP is a partnership between the International Council of Swedish Industry and the Swedish Industry and Metal Workers Union (IF Metall)