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Our solutions

Choosing from customised heavy trucks, buses, engines, and services, our customers can build a variety of cost-efficient, low-carbon solutions.


Scania supports transport companies across the world by delivering heavy trucks for each customer’s need. We offer solutions for a range of different applications including long-distance, urban applications and construction.


During 2022 Scania delivered a total amount of 80,238 units. 

* Refers to Latin America

Buses and coaches

Scania offers a complete range of city buses and coaches for public transport operators and coach companies. Our offer also includes solutions to help solve today’s urban mobility challenges.


During 2022 Scania delivered a total amount of 4,994 units.

* Refers to Latin America

Power solutions

Scania engines can be found at the heart of machines required to be in use 24 hours a day, including wheel loaders, patrol boats and power gensets.


During 2022 Scania delivered a total amout of 13,400 units.


Scania’s extensive service offering includes workshop services, tailor-made maintenance with flexible and predictive plans, driver training and evaluation, and services for support and management of our customers’ operations.


During 2022 service revenue was SEK 36,434 m.

* Refers to Latin America

Financial Services

Scania Financial Services provides flexible financing and insurance solutions tailored to give our customers predictable costs and manageable risks over the entire life cycle of their vehicles.