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Connected vehicles

At the end of 2022, Scania has around 575,000 connected vehicles (66 percent of our 10-year rolling fleet) and that number is rapidly increasing. The data this provides enhances our service network by giving us detailed, real-time insight into our vehicles’ performance, driver behaviour and our customers’ transport flows.

This allows us to develop highly customised sales tools and intelligent services that lower fuel consumption, maximise uptime and improve overall efficiency. Digital connectivity and data sharing are key enablers of sustainable transport. For example, live data enables us to measure the carbon impact of our vehicles while they are in use – vital for informing our decarbonisation strategy, and meeting our climate targets. As well as helping our customers and customers’ customers with theirs.


As new transport technologies emerge, our data-driven service network will play an ever more important role in creating value for our customers. The potential in connectivity is huge and by allowing the coordination and control of entire systems, connected and autonomous vehicles will enhance efficiency and safety, as well as significantly reducing CO2 emissions, creating value for the entire transport ecosystem.