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Facts and figures 2022

Scania is a world-leading provider of transport solutions, including trucks and buses for heavy transport applications combined with an extensive product-related service offering. Scania offers vehicle financing, insurance and rental services to enable our customers to focus on their core business. Scania is also a leading provider of power solutions for industrial and marine applications.

A global presence

With nearly 57,000 employees in more than 100 countries, Scania is a truly global player. Our sales and service network is strategically placed where our customers need us, no matter where they operate.

Scania is part of TRATON GROUP. Under this umbrella the brands Scania, MAN, Volkswagen Caminhões e Ônibus and Navistar work closely together.

2022 in figures

The year has been characterised by a high degree of uncertainty due to the unstable macroeconomic and geopolitical situation. However, demand for Scania’s products services was strong and we effectively managed through 2022.

Net sales increased by 16 percent, impacted by increased vehicle revenue, a growing service business and increasing volumes in Power solutions. Net sales was positively impacted

by price and product mix as well as market and currency effects.

Decreased truck volume, higher raw material prices and production constraints had a negative impact, while currency effects and increased service, bus and engine volume impacted positively. Including items affecting comparability, operating income amounted
to SEK 12,375 m.

At the end of 2022 the number of employees had increased by nearly 3,000 people compared to 2021.

The lower pace of growth in 2022 compared to previous years, refers to the disconnection of approximately 43,000 vehicles in Russia.

Scania aims to achieve a 20 percent reduction by 2025. Currently we are at 97.9 percent, a reduction of just above 2 percent since 2015. A changed sales mix resulted in a negative development of the KPI, with a slight increase year-on-year. Reporting of emissions lags

one year, see page 145.

Emissions in 2022 increased slightly due to increased activities in operations. However, compared to 2015 emissions have reduced by 44 percent.

2022 saw increases in sales of BEV, HEV, PHEV and vehicles for other options than diesel. Share of sales of alternative fuels and electrified vehicles amounted to 8.3 percent. For definitions see page 146.

There is a temporary increase in use of energy due to start of production in a new foundry while still operating the old foundry during a transition period (2022–2023).

Products and Services

During 2022, total vehicle deliveries decreased by 6 percent to 85,232 (90,366) units compared to 2021. Net sales increased by 16 percent to SEK 170,004 m. (146,146).


Truck deliveries decreased by 7 percent to a total of 80,238 (85,930) units and bus and coach deliveries increased by 13 percent to 4,994 (4,436) units. Power solutions deliveries increased by 14 percent to 13,400 (11,786) units. Scania´s service revenue amounted to SEK 36,434 m. (30,074), an increase of 21 percent.

Truck deliveries

Scania supports transport companies across the world by delivering heavy trucks for each customer’s need. We offer solutions for a range of different applications including long-distance, urban applications and construction.


During 2022 Scania delivered a total amount of 80,238 units. 

Buses and coaches deliveries

Scania offers a complete range of city buses and coaches for public transport operators and coach companies. Our offer also includes solutions to help solve today’s urban mobility challenges.


During 2022 Scania delivered a total amount of 4,994 units.

Power solutions deliveries

Scania engines can be found at the heart of machines required to be in use 24 hours a day, including wheel loaders, patrol boats and power gensets.


During 2022 Scania delivered a total amout of 13,400 units.

Service revenue

Scania’s extensive service offering includes workshop services, tailor-made maintenance with flexible and predictive plans, driver training and evaluation, and services for support and management of our customers’ operations.


During 2022 service revenue was SEK 36,434 m.

Financial services

Scania Financial Services provides flexible financing and insurance solutions tailored to give our customers predictable costs and manageable risks over the entire life cycle of their vehicles.