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Our strategy ensures we deliver on our purpose and create value for our stakeholders in a changing world.

Scania’s strategy is rooted in a clear understanding of the world we operate in, and how it might evolve in the future. It is informed by continuous dialogue with our stakeholders, risk assessments, scenario analysis, insights around our life cycle impacts, and scientific research.


The strategy was formulated for Scania to stay at the forefront of an ever-changing business landscape and support the transformation needed to win in uncertain times. Our strategic direction originates from the view of a future transport ecosystem that builds on electrified, autonomous and connected technologies, and new types of customers and business models, where transport and mobility will be increasingly demanded as a service. 

This strategic direction is expressed in our corporate objectives that allow us to connect our targets to our purpose, making the strategy tangible and actionable. 

An evolving strategy

While our strategic direction remains the same, we made some changes to our strategic framework in 2022 that will apply in full from 2023:


  • Corporate objectives: we introduced corporate objectives, connected to our purpose, to ensure focus on execution across the business.
  • Annual strategic process: to keep pace with the rapid changes in our ecosystem, our strategy will be challenged and updated on a yearly basis.
  • Key yearly challenges: updated annually, these are the challenges we need to address to execute our strategy in the short term.

Scania corporate strategy 2023+

Scania’s purpose is to drive the shift towards a sustainable transport system, creating a world of mobility that is better for business, society and the environment.

We clarify our purpose through six corporate objectives, that allow us to connect our targets to our purpose:

  • Our actions leave a better tomorrow for people and planet
  • We innovate, invest and scale into a highly transformative environment
  • We are the best performing company in our industry
  • We have the most satisfied, sustainable and profitable customers
  • Employees and partners are proud to be part of the Scania family
  • We continuously improve our flows, in small and big steps

Our view of what the transport ecosystem will look like in the future in different scenarios, effects the business decisions we make today.

The yearly challenges aim to understand how to solve certain issues, and are prerequisites for us to reach our corporate objectives:

  • Flows
  • Science-based Targets
  • Operating model

Performance Excellence is when we deliver both here and now as well as going forward. The Scania Way is a key part in reaching that and is the foundation of our strategy.