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1966: Scania 75 years - new head office

Celebrating the company's 75th anniversary in 1966, a new head office was also inaugurated in Södertälje. The new building was given a new design in relation to the two former central offices from the 1940s and 50s, with facades bricked in traditional masonry. Bergs Arkitekter designed a high-rise building consisting of two displaced parts and with two lower wings to the north and east. The window shafts are recessed in the façade, while the projecting sections are clad with façade bricks that are not masonry in joints. This, together with the retracted window sections, gives the façade a strong vertical effect. The east wing has an attic corridor along the first floor with several separate canopies of concrete that clearly mark where the top management should reside, and still does, in an open landscape. The main entrance is marked with a canopy and has an open space in front of it. The entrance floor with foyer is marked with large glazed areas. Up on the flat roof, a neon sign spins in the form of Scania's well-known symbol.

Corporate milestones