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Selleks, et Scania saaks olla jätkusuutliku transpordi vallas esirinnas, tuleb jätkusuutlikult läheneda kogu tarneahelale. Seega on ostmisel ettevõtte arengus väga oluline osa.

The focus is on developing relationships with suppliers and the purchasing department is continually striving to challenge, develop and optimise the processes so that they meet Scania’s high demands. Collaboration based on mutual respect is one factor that contributes to Scania’s success in this area.

The main focus of the work involves creating strategic plans and activities with a view to improving the quality, delivery accuracy and total cost of Scania’s products and services.

The work is often conducted within development projects at the forefront of global development within the vehicle industry. Scania’s purchasers are responsible for negotiating, entering commercial agreements and actively developing current and future suppliers.